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Bra Fitting Guide 

Think you know what kind of shop Smitten is?


Well, think again. We hear people say Smitten is just for big busts, just for small frames, just high end, just this, just that. Well lets dispel those myths. Smitten can and does cater for EVERY women. Whatever your shape, size or previous experience of lingerie outlets, our in-store fitters are trained to find your fit and the perfect bra for you.


As a fitter, I ask 'what do you want your bra to do for you?' often greeted by a quizzical look, but as I go on to explain, a bra can do many things. You may prioritise comfort, for others it’s about feeling supported. Shaping could be a key factor or perhaps you want a bra to take your bust to new heights! For most ladies, the ideal bra has the perfect trifecta of good shape, support and comfort, all at an affordable prices. Our clients range from busy professionals, working mums, nurses, teachers, students, fitness trainers and a professional gardener. We fitted her with a beautiful bra with a stretch lace cup but a hidden gossard fabric support sling inside. The bra looked super and provided maximum support and shaping, retaining her natural feminity all whilst she took on the more strenuous aspects of her work, including the weeding!


No matter what shape you are, we have sizes ranging from a 28 band to a 46, and with cups from A to a K, so we can offer anyone who walks through the door a bra solution that works for them. Our staff come in all shapes and sizes too, so you can have a relaxed, friendly chat with one of our fitters without feeling out of place. We guarantee you’ll feel just as comfortable with us as you will your bra! We offer advice based on you the individual and no question is too silly because if it matters to you, it definitely matters to us.


So come and see us soon. 

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