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Bra Fitting Basics
The magical feeling that women get during a bra fitting at Smitten is very real. We have many forms of training under our belts as fitters that help create that feeling of wonder and pure joy but we love sharing our skills with you to help you feel and look your best. Everyone deserves a well fitted bra and the upmost of comfort. 

Many women who complain of discomfort when wearing bras are wearing the wrong size or style. When the wires are digging in because they are too small to contain the bust, it is no wonder the soft breast tissue is affected. Certain bra styles just don't suit certain bust sizes or shapes. During a fitting, we can show you the perfect fit for you, including size and shape. 

We want to share with you the tips of finding your right fit.

Use the services offered by a specialist
Book in for a professional bra fitting. This is a vital step in ensuring you get a perfect fit for you. Use our expertise and take all the guess work out of it. Your fitting at Smitten is free, only take about 30 minutes and is all done in a friendly, supportive and non judgemental way. Book here:

Learn what shape your breasts are
Some of us have top heavy breasts which is where we carry more weight in the top part of the breast, others have the opposite where the weight of the breast is carried at the bottom making the bust feel quite heavy. Some ladies have extra breast tissue at the side which can appear near the armpit in the wrong style of bra and creates unwanted bulges. There's a full breast shape where the weight is carried evenly and this opens up the possibility of wearing most bra styles. 
Knowing which shape you are allows you to choose the bra styles that will fit you the best. We can offer advice if you need to learn about which breast shape you have and which styles work best for you. We'd be happy to find your fit and teach you about the difference in styles of bras that are available out there. 

Cups are key
When putting on your bra, do the 'gravity shuffle' by leaning forward and dropping your bust into the cups. This method ensures that your entire breast is in the cup and the soft breast tissue is facing forward.
If you notice that the cup isn't full , the material is rouching or there is breast tissue coming out of the cups, you need to alter either the band or the cup size. This is something we see very often during a fitting but is one of the easiest things we can fix. 
if you notice that the cup isn't right but don't know how to change the size you are in, come and see us and we'll show you exactly how to make it right and get you fitted in a fabulous new size perfectly suited to your bust shape.

Band basics
The band carries about 90% of the weight of the bust so it needs to be right in order for it to do its job properly. When you do your bra up, we advise to use the loosest setting so you have room to make the bra tighter when the elasticity starts to give (about 6 - 8 months depending on how many bras you have and how often you wear that particular bra). When done up, you should be able to slide two fingers under the band and sweep them round the sides easily. The band should lay flat against the skin and sit straight on the body. If it rides up during the day, it needs changing!

Underwires (Yes! Underwires are supposed to be (and can be) comfy!)
Underwire bras are designed to be supportive AND comfortable. If the wires are digging in to the soft breast tissue or you can feel the underwire digging in under your bust, it needs looking at. The underwire is designed to hold up the bottom of your breast tissue and sit gently on the skin. It is important that the wire remains in position as a bra that is too loose will do you more harm with chaffing and not properly supporting your bust. 
The centre gore (centre of your bra) should lay flat against the skin, It is is sitting proud of your body, it is a sign that your bust is not properly fitted and the size isn't right.
We can help make sure that you are beautifully fitted and you walk out of your fitting with a smile on your face and a spring in your step and the perfect shape and size to your bra.  

If you need any help or have any questions then please do get in touch with us. We love talking about bras, we love each and every fitting and we are passionate about finding you the best thing to make your confidence soar, your bust feel more comfortable than ever before and your self esteem boosted. Give us a call on 01243 816667 or find us on social media @smittenl2l is our name on Facebook and Instagram.  
We look forward to solving your bra dilemmas soon. Lots of love, the Smitten Team.

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