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Do My Boobs Look Big in This Bra?

An Interview With a Smitten Bra-Fitter

Bra Fitting

The Bra-Fitter knows best and so today we have an interview with Yaz, a member of the Smitten Bra-Fitting team, a Bra-Fitter of almost 3 years and an all round lovely person.

Here are her answers to questions regarding the wonderful world of Bra-Fitting.

Q1: What are the most common mistakes women make when choosing a bra?

As a fitter, I would probably say there are four most common mistakes ladies make in purchasing their bras.

  1. Wrong band size: Biggest mistake is buying something too big for them, if it’s too big for you, you lose all support to the bust and you also lose the lift needed.

  2. Wrong cup size: Most women don’t allow enough room for there breast tissue. All your breast tissue should be enclosed in your wire avoiding spillage of bust and sides.

  3. Picking the right shape for them: Bras, like people, come in various shapes which will give a very different shape to the bust. Finding the right shape for you is important whether it’s full cup, balcony or plunge etc. You just need to find your perfect match!!

  4. Avoiding help: Ladies will try to do it themselves instead of seeking a professional fitting. Without knowing what you are meant to be looking for, it can be so difficult and costly buying so many bras. Getting a fitting will help you in the future to know how a bra should fit.

Q2: What are your recommendations for anyone trying to find a new bra?

If you don’t have any idea of your sizing, but know your bra is uncomfortable and doesn’t offer the support you want. Don’t keep buying bras that are the same size as the ones you have. If you do this you will be wasting your money and if it’s uncomfortable you know its not right. Don’t think there isn’t anything you can do about it, Don't live it with it, CHANGE IT!

Seek professional help, book yourself a bra-fitting, speak to the professional about how your bras feel and what you want from them. Make sure the next bra you buy is the right one!

Q3: Why, in your opinion, would a person be wise to use the services of a Bra-Fitter every time they buy a new bra?

I would highly recommend getting fitted every time your ready for a new bra. A bra-fitting is not a one off or a done deal as our size can change at any point due to a variety of different reasons such as weight gain or loss, new life regime, menopause, pregnancy or nursing etc. This is why you should plan to get refitted every six to twelve months or every time you need a new bra. That way, you can always ensure your bras are going to be the correct fit for you.

Q4: I have seen research articles on bras that report that badly fitted bras can be bad for your health. Do you think this is true?

I don’t think people understand the impact an ill-fitting bra can have on our well being, both physically and mentally. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause poor posture, back and neck pain, shoulder grooves from the pressure of the bra straps and a lack of self-confidence. Additionally, if something is pressing on our breast tissue constantly, of course it will be very uncomfortable.

Q5: What age would you recommend someone getting their first Bra-Fitting?

Buying your daughter there first bra isn't always plain sailing. Some teens maybe over the moon to be growing up and others not so keen.

On average, the young ladies who visit our store for the first time are around 11-12 years old. However girls start wearing their first bras as young as age 8. Regardless of age, we all develop at different rates but, if she’s showing signs of breast tissue developing behind the nipple and she’s emotionally ready it would be a good time to get her fitted for a training bra. Book a mother and daughter fitting as this is a great stepping stone into supporting their development.

Q6: What can a person expect a professional Bra-Fitter to bring to their first bra-fitting experience?

We love it when you see us as your very own personal bra shopper!!

A lot of people believe a first fitting will take 5 minutes but at Smitten, we like to use a fitting as a learning experience to show you step by step what we look for in finding your perfect fit.

There is lots to learn and we want to pass on our knowledge e.g. from how a bra should fit to the different styles and what to wear them with and also what works best with each individuals body shape. There is a lot of information to absorb, and we are there to answer all your bra questions. We hope that in a first fitting with us it is not only enjoyable but also educational so you know never to make the same common mistakes again.

Q7: Potential customer must come to your fitting room with all sorts of expectations, desires and sometimes, hang-ups. How do you help them cope with any anxieties they may have?

Every woman unfortunately has there own worries or anxieties, many of these are normally a lack of body confidence. I know I myself have my own, so with that said I want to enable every woman to feel comfortable, safe and secure in our fitting rooms and be reassured that we will always go at their pace, ensuring you feel comfortable at all times. Our aim is to help women feel amazing one bra at a time!!

Q8: I myself, have worn the same size bra for most of my life, and have never had a Bra-Fitting. What would you say to someone, like me, to encourage them to get fitted?

  • Do you feel comfortable in that bra?

  • Does it give you the shape and support you want?

  • Does it make you feel amazing?

  • Are you able to wear it all day without having to adjust it in anyway?

  • If you answer no to any these questions then why suffer...?

  • If there is a way you could answer yes to every question then why not book a fitting and let us advise you.

This is our aim at Smitten, so get book that bra-fitting now and start feeling fabulous!

Q9: In your opinion, is a bra a ‘Fashion Item’ or a ‘Practical Undergarment’?

Firstly I would say a bra is a very important, practical garment which is mostly there to help support your breast tissue and in turn improve your posture and shape. So for health reasons it is very important to make sure it fits correctly. As long as you have a bra that has been correctly fitted for you, it will do the job it’s meant to do, giving you your support, uplift and comfort. There is no reason why you can’t also look unbelievably fabulous at the same time, which will help with self-esteem and your confidence. We are huge fans of pretty bras at Smitten!

Q10: Final question, if you could give bra-wearers 3 important bits of advice/tips to consider when buying a bra, what would they be?

Bras maybe a small item of clothing but they can be one of the hardest to buy. With that in mind, my 3 top tips for anyone bra shopping are:-

  1. Be open minded about your size: if you’re surprised or disappointed remember that a bra size is just a number and a letter. Having a bra that has been correctly fitted for you is the most important element. No one apart from you needs to know your size.

  2. Go to the right place: Choose a store that has a wide selection of bras and trained bra fitters on hand. As High Street stores are limited to sizes now days, there’s no reason why anyone should squeeze into something that isn’t the right fit. Come to the professionals!

  3. Take good care of your new bras: Once you buy your new correctly fitting bras, take good care of them. Its best to hand wash but if you need to put it in the washing machine, make sure the bra is encased in a protective garment bag. Always air dry – NEVER put your bras in the dryer. This will make them last so much longer.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you ladies have learnt something new and remember... Book you Fitting Now!!!

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