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Finding it a challenge to buy a bra that actually fits?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Did you know that 88 per cent of UK women are unhappy with their bra size? Any woman with a larger bra size knows that shopping for bras throws up many dilemmas.

Do you find yourself trying to ignore the fact that all the bras you look at seem to have extra-wide, load bearing straps and even worse, when you try them on you feel like you've just been put in a straight jacket! And that's just the tip of the well-endowed iceberg. There are plenty more practicalities to consider.   Will any of these bras behave well under that pretty blouse top you fancy or will it make your buttons fire off like ballistic missiles? And then there's the cleavage conundrum! You begin to wonder if you'll ever be able to wear a deep V-neck. Juggling all these factors while standing in a harshly lit high street changing room can be wholly uninspiring. Cheryl, a young 60 year old from Storrington, who is size 12 with a 32FF bust was so frustrated when she came to Smitten. She really felt she would never be able to look like she wanted to, always having to compromise.  She told us she spent her life trying to hide her big boobs from people and all she wanted was to have a nice silhouette, an attractive neckline and the same choice as other women.

Here at Smitten, the staff all recognise how customers with bigger busts can feel about their chest, self conscious and often uncomfortable, and ultimately our job is to help them not to have to always think about their boobs above everything else. We want our customers to be able to forget about their chest and stop feeling 'frumpy' and restricted. Ultimately we want our free fitting service and our amazing choice of bras in sizes 28A to 46K to enable women of all ages and all sizes to feel comfortable, elegant, powerful and free.

Cheryl spent an enjoyable 35 minutes with our qualified bra fitter Rachel, trying on several bras from our collections, several of which can help create the illusion of proportion, cleverly balancing the hip to bust ratio to avoid that top heavy shape and improving your stance and posture. Cheryl bought two beautiful bras and even treated herself to the matching briefs and as she stood in the doorway about to leave, she told us with such a beautiful smile that she felt 'like she'd been liberated!'. She was so lovely and it was so nice to see the difference her visit to Smitten had made to her body confidence and it made our day. Do you too feel like people are distracted by your boobs?  Do you get that feeling that when someone is talking to you face-to-face, all they are thinking is 'don't look, don't look' and they aren't really listening to what you're saying. Or, if you, like Cheryl, just want to enjoy more choice and have a silhouette that empowers you and gives you back your self-confidence take a little of your time to visit our knowledgeable and friendly staff at Smitten and let us show you how you can be stylish and look chic by just trying a correctly fitted bra for the shape you are and the best, beautiful shape you can be.

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