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Lingerie to Love for the moment you say 'I Do!'

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Finding the right dress for your dream wedding is a daunting but fun filled task but then you are faced with what to wear underneath - sometimes a mammoth task to try to match that gorgeous backless dress to a much needed bra!

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Bridal Lingerie West Sussex

Finding the perfect dress can be a milestone moment for any bride but then comes the daunting task of matching the perfect underwear to make the most of that amazing new dress. That's where Smitten Lingerie to Love comes in. The Smitten team is passionate about making every bride look and feel her very best and this starts with the foundations of the right bridal lingerie, all expertly fitted to you. 

Here, we reveal our top tips for brides to be:

When trying on dresses in the bridal shop, ask the assistant about what options may be available to help achieve the look you want. They can often arrange for adjustments during fittings and possibly add cups to help keep you feeling supported and retain the smooth lines of your chosen dress. When you have chosen your dress, make an appointment at Smitten and we can take care of all of your lingerie solutions. We can offer expert help to find you a perfectly fitted bra and also find the perfect solution for your dress.

If you need support for your bust under your dress, discuss the option of wearing a strapless bra with your bra fitter. The team at Smitten can guide you through the multiple shapes and styles of strapless bras. For those with smaller busts, cups may help add shape to the top of the dress where needed. There are many bra solutions out there too but don't be fooled by some of the ads you see on social media - a bra that claims to work miracles often lets ladies down and you don't want a lingerie disaster on your wedding day! We can help you navigate this myriad of new fangled products and guide you as to what will work best for you and your dress.  Remember to think about your options before actually buying the dress as some dress designs cannot be altered to add cups and if braless isn't an option, this could be a costly mistake. 

Many brides have an idea of what they want their bridal lingerie to look like and for many, that ideal set is pretty with lace and gorgeous detailing. Unfortunately, this isn't always what the dress calls for so don't be disheartened when you have to go for the practical solutions to make your dress work for you. It just means that you can splash out on the beautiful set for the evening of the wedding when all the guests have gone home and it's just you and your new husband. Or, save that exquisite new set for the honeymoon and dazzle him with your pretty pick then!

Depending on the time of year you get married, you may need to consider your hosiery options - tights may be perfect for a winter wedding whereas hold ups and stockings become a more popular choice in warmer weather. You may even choose to go bare legged. Whichever option you choose, make sure the lines won't interfere with those of your dress. 

Are you a bride trying to lose a few pounds before the big day? If so, discuss this with your bra fitter as it will have an impact on the fit of your underwear. As long as we know your plans and you keep us up to date with your progress, we can ensure your have the best fit on your big day. 

When the wedding day has been and gone, you can start packing for your honeymoon so don't forget swimwear and some beautiful new sets of lingerie that make you feel amazing. All fitted perfectly to you to make your confidence soar.  

Come and visit us and book your Free Fitting Here.

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