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Overcoming Feelings of Self Consciousness

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What is self-consciousness?

According to those who study self-consciousness, it's human nature to focus on ourselves sometimes. We might reflect on our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and sometimes even the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours of others. The extent to which we focus or self-reflect on ourselves is thought to indicate our level of self-consciousness.

Bra Fitting for the self conscious
Feeling self conscious about a fitting?

Appearance self-consciousness, which is something I sometimes witness in my line of business, is where someone has major concerns about how others see them and often these concerns come from, and build on, their internal negative voice which is constantly putting them down. These, often harsh and cruel opinions have been in their head sometimes from adolescence will make them anxious and shy when having to be around others and especially when they are closely related to their body. It must be so stressful if you always feel like you’re going to be judged.

Identify what you’re self-conscious about

Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly why you might be feeling self-conscious? For some, it's worries about certain features of their appearance. If you feel other people are going to judge you or make fun of you the stress this creates could stop you doing certain activities.

The first thing I advise you to do is pinpoint what you’re self-conscious about……..make a list of all the triggers which make you feel self-conscious and anxious. Write them down and leave a space to the side of them to write down things you can do to overcome your fears. See Example list at the end of this article ….....

Conclusion and Way Forward

Many of us experience an unnecessary level of self-consciousness that holds us back. We can start to change that by learning what’s at the root of our self-consciousness. How does it affect us? And finally, what can we do about it? So,

  • Research for yourself what self-consciousness is and how it can stop you living life as you’d like. Understand where your thoughts are coming from.

  • Identify what triggers your self-consciousness.

  • Come up with actions you can take to reduce your self-consciousness, for example, stand up to your inner critic.

  • Learn to be kinder to yourself.

  • Prepare for one-off/special events. Find out what will be expected of you and take control. Your self conscious feelings will reduce and your self-confidence will rise.

  • Share your experiences and your successes with other sufferers – you might be able to help. Contact us here to leave comments and tips that have worked for you.

Hopefully, you’ve learned some strategies that may help you better understand your feelings in certain situations, and some actions that may help you to reduce those negative thoughts. We, at Smitten Lingerie to Love, Chichester are here for YOU now. Give us a ring on 01243 816667 or visit our website and take that first step – make a booking for your first Bra-fitting today.

Example List: Identify What Is Making You Feel Self-Conscious



First ever bra-fitting. Feel really anxious and don’t know whether I can even get through the door. Feel like crying!

Make sure you’re really well prepared. Self-consciousness is vastly reduced by the sense of control that comes with knowing exactly what you’re doing. Take a look at our article on The Bra-Fitting Experience. If you know exactly what to expect (e.g., you will not have to get naked – so nice to know) it will quieten some of those negative thoughts and fears. Click here to see article.

I HATE my boobs!

​This could be due to never having worn the correct size bra. A professional Bra-fitting will rid you of that negative thought for ever. Concentrate your mind on these thoughts – I AM GOING TO FEEL SO PROUD OF MY NEW, IMPROVED SHAPE. Keep saying this to yourself, visualise how you want to look and believe.

I’m scared of what the people doing the fitting will think of me.

Read the Testimonials on our website. The Smitten team understand and are passionate about making the whole experience comfortable and positive, Follow this link to read Smitten Reviews and Testimonials

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