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Sports Bra Showcase

Make Sure You Start Your New Fitness Regime in Style!

I love sharing tips and styles with you and so today I’m going to showcase Smitten’s selection of sports bras, and they are not only gorgeous but with their superior fit and comfort they will support you completely.

Sports Bra Range

History of the Sports Bra:

Forty years ago, an ordinary runner invented what she couldn’t find in her local high street shops, a Sports Bra.

It was during the summer of 1977, the height of both the women’s liberation movement and the first jogging craze.

So Lindahl, a graduate student at the University of Vermont, was determined to create a bra that she and other women could actually run in.

The next day, a prototype was created with straps that crossed in the back (to keep them from sliding down) and a sturdy elastic band beneath the breasts for support. Lindahl tested it out running backward and forwards to test for the dreaded bounce. She was thrilled to find very little breast movement – the bra worked.

It was assumed every woman would want one, which was proved right. The bra went into full production giving access to a proper sports bra which allowed women of all shapes and sizes to start running (and playing other sports) in unprecedented numbers.

Fortunately, major brands have begun to increase their commitment to building great sports bras. That’s due, in part, to changing norms, changes in women’s average bra size, growth in the different types of sporting activities women take part inand of course women’s desire for style.

Today, we all want to feel confident in how we look, and though comfort is an important feature, we all want to find that important item of lingerie that will define our curves and help us look and feel amazing, and if a Sports Bra canachieve all these things and helps you participate more in a sport you truly love, the team at Smitten are over-joyed to help you succeed in your goals.

Let’s take a look at the range of Sports Bras available for you at Smitten….. Scroll through the images below. Then come and visit us soon and let us kit you out so you hit the gym in style. We look forward to meeting you. If you wish to book a bra-fitting, please follow this link

To book a bra-fitting, please follow this link .

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