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Want to know about a fitting at Smitten?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Heard from a friend about their amazing experience with a Smitten bra fitter?

Wondered just how a Smitten fitting can really change how you look and feel?

Want to know how to navigate the vast array of bras in a lingerie department or store?

How do you know that you can trust us to look after you?

If you've had a fitting before, chances are your previous fitter measured you with tape and gave you a bra size after making some calculations. Well, there are no measuring tapes at Smitten as we are expertly trained to fit by eye. We look for the fit of a bra not just the size as we know that all bras come up differently.

That's not the only reason we are fitters that you can trust though.

We genuinely care about you as an individual and will ask you questions about your lifestyle and your preferences before we even get to the trying on stage. We want to get to know you because this has a huge impact on your fitting. Shopping for a new bra is similar to shopping for a new outfit - the fit AND the style matter as does the opinion of the lady wearing it.

The Smitten team know that for some ladies, actually stepping through the door of the shop is a big deal. We not only work hard to find you the best fit for your body but we take great care to ensure that you feel welcome, comfortable and ultimately leave with a confidence boost to go with your newly fitted bra. That smile that spreads across your face makes our whole week!

During your fitting experience, your Smitten fitter will really listen to your opinion. Bra fitting is part science but there is a more creative side to it too and this to us is just as important.

We understand the need to feel comfortable. We know that if a lady feels uncomfortable in a bra she simply won't wear it and will lose trust in us in the process. We take into account those personal preferences so you get the perfect fit for you. After all, nobody can tell you how something feels on your body. By working together, we can produce fantastic results and we love that aspect of our job. Completely tailored service to each and every lady.

By having dedicated 1 to 1 time with a Smitten fitter, you get to widen your bra horizons - your fitter will show you other shapes and styles that will suit your needs some of which you may not have seen before. By using the expert knowledge of your fitter, you get to try on items you would've bypassed if shopping alone. We have had a lot of success with this in the past as we know how each and every bra works and what they can do for ladies. Many ladies have found their truly favourite bras this way and it is often the bra they discounted when looking around the shop! We love a hidden treasure but we love sharing this love more!

Another reason for treating all ladies as individuals is that the perfect fit of a bra can change for different people, for example, some ladies have more padding around their ribcage than others so the banding will feel different to them. Age also plays a key part to our thinking during a fitting as a 20 year olds bust will sit differently in a cup than that of an 80 year old's. These variables are key to ensuring the fit is tailored to the individual and helps ensure that the item works for the ladies preferences and body shape.

We want to make sure that we not only find the correct bra size but we find the right shapes, styles and fit of bras for your unique body and our personal preferences. We also love showing you new styles which may just become your new favourite bra. Most of all, we want to bestow on you a new found confidence so you walk out of the fitting room with that huge grin on your face, a bounce in your step and what often feels like, a new pair of well supported and utterly comfortable boobs!

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