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Save Our Smitten High Street Shop!

Latest news: Can you help Smitten stay on the high street?

Not just a retail destination – Smitten provides an all-important service and that is something that you definitely can’t get online. The high street has always been at the very heart of the towns and cities of the UK but over the last 10 years, its significance has dwindled. Stores are closing at an unprecedented rate and footfall is on a relentless downward trend. Online shopping has not helped with footfall. Over the past 4 years that Smitten has been open we have had to deal with severe weather conditions, and not to mention the dreaded C word – COVID. Now, with a cost-of-living crisis very much in effect and the UK entering a recession, it is harder than ever to maintain a successful presence on the high street. Please read on to see how you can stop Smitten disappearing from the high street. We might have to move to home fittings and online only and we know that you don't want that.

Smitten has been through the proverbial ringer since opening in 2019 and yet we are still as passionate about serving the needs of our customers as ever before. You will always receive a high-quality customer experience as we understand how important our services are to you and your friends and family. We are also adamant that you cannot replicate this service when left to your own devices with the internet as your only toolkit. You need a trained bra fitter to help guide you, fit you and pass on the much-needed knowledge to get you out of those uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras and into something that not only fits correctly but gives you support, shape and style that is truly unique to you.

Shopping local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts local communities. We need help so Smitten doesn’t become yet another casualty of the high street demise. If you want to continue using the services of our Smitten fitters, we need your help and support to stay in our shop. More than 17,000 shops closed in 2022, the highest number for five years. Total closures were nearly 50% higher than in 2021. We appreciate that given the current circumstances in the world times are hard and the purse strings are being managed more than ever before by all of us but we have to ask for help otherwise we won’t survive on the high street.

Smitten's plea to help keep our services on the high street

We are issuing a plea to shoppers to keep using the wide-ranging services at Smitten and to keep spreading the word about the amazing feelings that we help to create. You, our customers, are vital to the success of Smitten and are an important part of our retail team. We know that the personal services we offer are so well received and much needed and they cannot be replicated online. Since the decline of the large department stores, Smitten has become a lifeline for many ladies as there simply isn’t another option for this type of service. We listen to all your needs.

From teaching young girls about the importance of a good fit so that they have the knowledge to keep themselves safe and supported for life, to the ladies going through their breast cancer journeys, we are there not only to find them suitable underwear for each aspect of their journey but to help restore their confidence, style and support or to be there to help anyone that walks through our doors looking for help as they have tried for so long or put up with such discomfort that they are crying out for our help. We want to continue to be there for all of that and more. We really need help to save our high street shop as we cannot currently sustain the cost of our bricks and mortar shop. This may make all the difference between Smitten staying on the high street or having to leave our lovely shop. We are desperate to stay so that we can keep offering our experience and services that no chain store or internet website can. Needless to say, we have already taken every action that we can to try and achieve this on our own but we really can't do this without you.

Smitten can help you feel empowered, confident and comfortable Unprecedented times put Smitten at risk! – now we need your help to remain on the high street.

What is next for Smitten?

We might have to move out of our shop on the high street and trade online or remotely but we don't want this and we know that you value our services too much to let that be our future. But we do need your help more than ever before.

Ways you can help.

Book into a fitting TODAY and come and chat with one of our amazing fitters, whatever your needs are.

Donate to our “Save our Smitten Shop” campaign by clicking Crowdfunding to to keep the wonderful services of Smitten alive in the high street on JustGiving

Ask anyone if they would be interested in renting out a space in our shop to help

with the rent. If you know someone that is looking to make the next step with their business idea that would like to showcase their services or products on the high street without taking on a main lease, please ask them to get in touch for more details.

You could invest in Smitten and become a shareholder. We are also open to the idea of seeking investment in Smitten as a growing business. Do you know a budding entrepreneur that is looking for a new venture? Please ask if you would like further details. You could be part of our future.

You could show your support by sharing posts on social media, tagging friends and family in posts you think they would love, recommending, liking and checking in, or just sharing the word (and the joy!) with friends and family as anything and everything that you can do will help us enormously. We have been there for you over the last few years and now we would really appreciate you being there to help us.

We need you! Please keep us on the high street.

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