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I popped into your lovely shop this morning for a bra fitting and just wanted to feedback to you what a wonderful experience it was.

Previous bra fitting experiences in other shops have been far from pleasant I’ve always felt very self conscious and like I was on a bit of a conveyor belt certainly with your shop this was not the case.

From the moment I walked in the door Yasmin was really friendly and professional she made me feel at ease throughout the whole appointment and I did not feel at all rushed, even when I was being incredibly indecisive. There wasn’t a tape measure in site Yasmin knew exactly what size I was from sight and brought a small selection of perfectly fitting bras in exactly my style to choose from she also fitted me for a sports bra and again it was exactly what I was after. After years of fitting myself and trying to save some pennies I have learnt it’s all about the experience the customer service and you absolutely get what you pay for ! I will always be coming back to you from now on and I want everyone to know what a wonderful shop you have and what an asset Yasmin is to your team.

Thank you so much for today, Yasmin. 

This was the best, most professional bra-fitting I have ever had in 45 years. Not only that but it was a lovely, relaxed experience too. Like many ladies I was wearing the incorrect size but now have a beautiful, glamourous new bra to wear with a couple more on order too. Highly recommend this lovely shop and it's friendly, helpful staff. 

Wow, finally got round to going for a personal bra fitting today, and it's really true I didn't take the new bra off it is so comfortable!! Well I was wearing a cup size many times too small. They couldn't have been more helpful and 100% recommend them and will not be going anywhere else now. 5*****

I was measured at M&S and felt unhappy and unsupported in the bras I got. Found this shop a few weeks ago and decided to book for a fitting. What a find. The staff were lovely. I felt completely at ease and without even getting a tape measure out they knew the right size for me. I didn't feel rushed, I felt valued. The staff were helpful, there was a lovely selection of bras and I will be returning. Highly recommended!!

A few weeks ago I went to another well known bra fitting shop in Brighton. I came out feeling very intimidated! I then found this lovely shop, booked an appointment for a fitting - now 4 bras later. Lovely patient staff. Thank you.

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