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Welcome to Smitten ~ Lingerie to Love

Inspired to launch Smitten by your passion not only for beautiful lingerie, but also because of your desire to create a shopping experience above and beyond anything you’d ever experienced before.

Own experience was the reason for wanting to fill a gap – you couldn’t find anywhere that offered exceptional customer service, where you felt you were amongst friends and you were made to feel genuinely cared for.

Smitten’s concept is built around you, the customer, and our partner in trade. We promise to give you the time and attention you deserve to make you feel great. We also love getting feedback from our customers because that goes a long way to helping us improve even further.

Smitten wants the lingerie you buy to do more than fit perfectly, it is the foundation for your clothes and we believe your lingerie should make you look and feel fantastic.

We spend a lot of our time sourcing lingerie brands and up and coming designers to bring you the best lingerie on the market, ensuring only the best quality materials are used to give you the best support but without losing out on the prettiest and most beautiful, sexy designs for every and any occasion.

We carry a large range of sizes from 28A to 46K and we specialise in stocking hard to find sizes, maternity wear and post breast surgery bras.We provide a professional approach and follow a strict confidentiality policy to enable clients to feel secure with their shopping experience and purchases. Free personal consultation appointments are available for all our clients, book your appointment today via the application booking system and we will ensure your privacy and comfort.

Smitten is built around a small, close team of professionals and what unites us is a shared passion to grow and improve the business by always providing our customers with their best shopping experience ever.

The team want you to be Smitten and Love your Lingerie.

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